Mia Bella Candles Fundraising Program! 

My name is Alison Boers and I am a fundraising specialist in Morris IL. We've been working to assist organizations to raise funds for their needs through the sale of Mia Bella's Candles. 

Our clean-burning, natural wax candles are making a difference in our community. We've helped groups earn $6200, $7200, and even $8900! I love to help sports teams, cheer, dance, youth groups, schools, & organizations earn extra funding through our Mia Bella candle fundraising program. 

No up front costs to you. I provide all the brochures. The candles sell for $25 and the group keeps $8 for each candle sold. 

Our 15 fall/winter fragrances are available now. 

If you would like me to mail you an information packet, l will be happy to! 

Mother with kids watching movie

Yes, please send me more information!